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I had the best job in local television.


I know this because people told me I did all the time.  I had a blast as a feature reporter creating the “MA in MN” segments at KMSP-TV, the Fox affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul.  I mean, stories about the coolest stuff in MN–dream job, right?  Even so, it was time for a change.  As for my near 20-yr. tenure, Keith Richards probably said it best: “I gotta move, it’s still fun.  I’m gonna walk before they make me run.”  (Am I shoehorning in a gratuitous Stones reference?  Kind of.  But “Before They Make Me Run”is the walk-off song I’ve had in my head for years.  Plus, Keith = retirement goals.)

Anyhow, with a heart full of gratitude I kicked my own butt out of a very comfy nest at Channel 9 to pursue my next chapter.  Turns out, a lot of my female friends are also at that stage in life, reinventing and rebooting themselves.  We may not be sure exactly what comes next, but we know 2.0 involves travel and stopping for pie along the way.  And that’s the inspiration for my new travel blog.


Some of the adventures are in my “Scamp” trailer which looks like a loaf of bread and, truthfully, isn’t all that much bigger in real life.0A5BA7E2-34CB-470E-960E-D7E04F2585FFUsually my boys Franz and Enzo ride sidecar.  We’ve racked up a lot of miles and have some strong opinions:  The best bayview breakfast burrito in WI.  One thing to pack for a cuter, cleaner campsite.  Should you blow $300 bucks on a YETI cooler?  Hopefully, this intoxicating booya of a blog will give you ideas for your next adventure, solo or otherwise.  This is our time to explore.  Let’s go, I’ll drive until the first Dairy Queen.

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